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Club members lofts:
Bethel Pond Loft ( Don Adams)

Other lofts


Alberta classic site (this site has one of the most interesting visuals on the miracle of a pigeons beginning life.Don't miss it!)

Continental Breeding Station Rick and Linda Mardis's loft of fine racing pigeons. Their birds are foundation breeders for many lofts

Ron Deisher's PDQ Racing
Ron is a flyer and active supporter of the Racing Pigeons. This site has some fine articles and even a supply section run by his 10 year old granddaughter..

Kastle Lofts M & D Evans Vandenabeele and Koopman Kannibaal based racing pigeons in Lexington, Kentucky

Pigeon Genetics by Frank Mosco
(This is a very complete site about pigeons)

Rossi Lofts Tony Rossi has excellent VanLoons and a site that has some very interesting articles.

Sleepy Hollow Lofts Tom Di Martino's loft of Direct Staf Van Reets. This loft was featured in the July 2005 Racing Pigeon Digest

American Pigeon Auction
PigeonAuctions .com